Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remodeling the ETSY shop!

These and much, much, artwork and vintage/supplies at:

I just downloaded 28 new pairs of new earrings onto my ETSY shop site.  I also refurbished the other contents on the site and am adding more stuff all the time:) 

I'm also working on many new sewing projects.  I'll be posting more of those soon; I almost have another one finished.  I'm also taking my first actual 'quilting' class on Saturday! Maybe I'll have another finished project then as well. 

Finally, I'm so happy to say my long awaited class with Jesse Reno is nearly here.  It's this Monday, and I plan to have lots of local friend Denise will also be in class with me!  Yay!  Look him up on the internet; it's worth it!

So lots more new work is on the way; learning new techniques, making new friends, and visiting with old ones is on the slate for this weekend with Art and Soul, Hampton, Va., which actually kicked off today.  I'll chat with you again soon. 


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