Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's a beautiful, sunny day here in Virginia Beach!  Too bad planes fly over my house constantly as if we were in a war zone:)  I am heavily contemplating moving...very soon.  I'm over the noise and all that jet fuel exhaust can't be good either.  If we all don't wake up very soon and change the road we are on with the current demise of the environment, pretty soon there will be no safe 'zone'.  Everywhere will be polluted.  And we won't be able to stop it.  We've already seen it recently over in Japan with the nuclear waste/ radiation exposure.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, INTERDEPENDENT UPON EACH OTHER.  ONE'S ACTIONS EFFECT ALL.  When will we come to this realization?  When it's to late to act? 

Ok.  Get's heavy when I think about all the pollution that is happening on such a large scale.  Anyhow, back to my own personal microcosm....I'm spring cleaning.  Getting rid of all that old, unecessary stuff, and cleaning out the corners.  But, I wanted to take a moment and write today, because I miss my little blog...and I enjoy visiting here, and spilling my mind. 

I'm trying to work on myself so I can have a better life.  Life is what we make of I'm trying to paint my masterpiece and stop making a giant mess!  Yes, it's ok to make a little mess here and there, but when all of life has imploded on you, you might want to think about straightening up your 'space' and making different choices.  Start small and be gentle with yourself.  When you start to be kinder to yourself, you automatically become kinder to others.  They will see the difference and you will feel the difference....and you'll love it.  I'm feeling happy about my choices today and just wanted to share that with you.  So, go forth, make some good choices today and take the time to feel good about it!

PS...I posted affirmations all over my bathroom mirror this morning.  What a nice thing to greet yourself with in the morning and throughout the days to come.  We are often exposed to a lot of negativity on a daily basis just by being a part of this world.  So must we feed ourselves plenty of positive nourishment (hopefully in every moment) to keep focussed on 'the real' instead of the illusion.

An angora bunny I found on the internet.  Take some time to rediscover the things you love about life, and then surround yourself with them!


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