Thursday, December 23, 2010

Q & A...

More Christmas Goodies...I'm trying to load onto my ETSY!!!

So....My friend from bff...has kids now, and one asked a question the other day on facebook.  What's the Q? 

Q:  How'd you get to be so good at art?

Cynthia:  Can hardly believe someone is asking me that, and I love it!!!! Thanks for the big cudos Camille!!!

(Camille is one of my bff's daughter's...beautiful girl.)

A:  Practice.  Which is a wonderful thing if you love what you do!!!  But...let me say this.  You might not know you love, love, love it at first.  But just start, just do it.  You start.  Somewhere, anywhere....and the more you draw, collage, paint, enjoy...the BETTER YOU WILL GET!!!  I promise!!! I've seen it happen for me, and I would never have believed it...and I have seen it constantly happen for other artists I love and have come to admire.  I see the progress in what they create, and what I create, and it spurs me on to do even better, even more. 

Once you start just TRYING you will see your own progress.  You only have to TRY.  That's it Kiddo!  Just try!!!  I'd love to hear about any progress too!  I'm going to keep posting my progress on my blog...and I encourage you to do the same or something similar.  Keep record of what you do and love to do, and your progress with it...and find a forum to hold yourself accountable for your goals.  My blog does that for me.  I just put it all out there...and it provides a clear account of my progress artistically.

Mucho Luvo...haha...Cynthia

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