Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Dreams and Shiny Things....

I love these beautiful doll heads w/ shoulders.  They are from Germany, dug out of the ground from doll factories that were destroyed in the war.  They are such sweet and favored treasures...I love just looking at them.  They have stories to tell...and they need our help to tell them.  What will she become?  What will she wear?  Will she have a closet full of cothes?  Is she a princess or a queen?  A fairy maiden lost in the wood?  It's all up to you.  Open your mind, and let her tell you what she wants to be.

Yes, I love all this old stuff...vintage, ancient, antique, aged, tattered, worn, torn, and well loved....there is history.....and herstory.  Here...on this site, we talk mainly about HER STORY.  Because her story has been sorely neglected. women, as historians, as keepers of our culture, we create little replicas of womanhood in these sweet ornamentations.

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!!! Merry Christmas!!!


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