Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone!!! Catch the Snow!!!

Photos from right outside my deck! These are the pine type trees to the left!!!

Tree to the right of my deck.

Closeup of that tree!!! And our snow!!!

Snow covered trees in front of the condo, facing the street!!!  It's really coming down in giant fluffy fakes!!!

It's 11:57 pm Christmas Nite!!! and we've got snow!!! Love it, so much, and especially love it in VB, cause I know it won't last!!!  In Canada we'd be tied up with snow and nasty snow remnant for months.....but this will come, and go, and we can get on with our lives.  No foe against Canada though!

I had a lot of great skiing trips and the like up there!  It can be a good time no matter where you are, with the right attitude!

Have a Wonderful Christmas Time...and as always, much love, Cynthia...Original Cyn Design

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