Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Back from ART UNRAVELED!!!

Hi everyone! Have just returned home from Art Unraveled in Arizona and had a wonderful time!  It's my favorite thing to do every year for a reason.  I get to see all these incredibly creative people that I absolutely love to hang out with...and talk about our favorite subject...ART!!! 

I have been attending AU (as we refer to it) for the last 7 of the 8 years it's been happening, and it's what really helped get me going on the path to more and more art.  In fact, without this retreat I would never have progressed to the point I now am artistically, and would probably never even have tried...However, the amazing amount of mixed media artwork and jewelry classes offered were so affordable, fun, inventive, and versatile...that I was enthralled from the beginning, and there's never been a dull moment since.

I would always look at the certain 'spin' each individual artist had on thier work, and wonder how that had happened for them?  When thier own voice emerged and what that path felt like.  In fact, at this past AU I had a chance to talk about that with Lisa Pavelka who is such a kind, warm, beautiful and giving artist. your own style emerges.  I'm in the beginning stages of that I do believe...FINALLY!!!  My own distinct voice seems to now be emerging, and I'm very excited to see where it will lead.

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