Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Day---Perceptions!

Hello there!  I hope you are having a wonderful day, and if not, remember, tomorrow is an new one, with new chances and new opportunities.  I'm taking on a personal challenge of changing my perception.  Often in this world we go through some tough stuff.  Maybe we go through a lot of tough stuff, and it beats us up and beats us down until our perception of the world and all that is in it has changed into something not so wonderful. 

Remember being a kid, and the pure innocence of it?  How easy it was to forgive and forget and move on to the next amazing discovery of what life held? 

What does it take to live life that way?  An open heart, and open mind, and so much love that when it's trampled upon, 'we hardly recognize anyone has done us wrong.'  Paraphrasing a little from the Bible there:) 

Now, what's the point of putting myself out there and talking about these and other personal things on my blog?  What's the point of opening up myself to ridicule, judgment and the like?  I say, what's the point in living inside a box and feeling like what I have to say does not matter and does not count?  There's no point to that.  There is no value in it.  What is valuable?  Living a well lived life...helping others, communicating feelings that we all share...but sometimes don't like to bring out into the bright light of day.  What is VALUABLE?  Living each day in a STATE OF GROWTH.  When we are growing, we are becoming the best of who and what we are.  When we are not growing....we are stuck, and sometimes we are dying.  Just look at plants, animals, the environment surrounding us!  If we cannot learn from the growth of nature, then we are surely a blind and dying species.  Nature teaches us balance in life.  If there were no balance, we would have no environment in which to grow and thrive.  Now there's a word for you.  Thrive.  When something is thriving, don't we just love to watch it?  When we see things thriving---taking life to the next level---we become intrigued, amazed, astonished, and inquisitive as to what other mysteries lay ahead that we might discover.  Further, when we begin to think and act in just these ways, we begin a journey where we are growing and may one day also thrive. 

And so, the journey that is the rest of my life begins anew today, because I say so.  Is it impossible to change our minds?  I say, nothing is truly impossible so long as you believe.

Have a great day...do something different...do something for yourself or another to make you feel good...something that will last, not a fleeting pleasure (i.e. a chocolate bar!)  Live in the moment, making the moment count towards a new and better future. 

Photos courtesy 'Dreamtime Photos'


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