Sunday, June 5, 2011

Geisha Doll Commission Finished Today!

Here she is all finished!  First, the hair was sewed on.  Next, a flower was fashioned from a larger pre-made flower.  Beads were sewn into the center of the flower...and a comb with hanging pearls was made (ends soldered) for the opposite side of her hair.  Two small square swatches of fabric were added to the top of the piece so that the handle could be attached.  I do have a couple of more things to do to it though:  I have to sign the piece underneath her kimono at the bottom (with free motion stitching)...and perhaps sew her a name under there, and finally, a solid piece of fabric or felt will be sewn to the back so that all the stitching I've done will be hidden. 

I must say that a lot of fun has been had in the making of her.  She has also turned out just as lovely or maybe even a bit moreso than I had imagined:)  If anyone has any NAME IDEAS FOR THE GEISHA please let me know in the comment section below!!!

Thanks,  Cynthia


Tamara said...

Cyn, She is amazing! You put so much love and mucho creativity into her. The beading, dyeing and folding along with the sewing ..absolutely beautiful. I agree....continue with the theme!!

Kathy said...

It look beautiful Cyn!! Nice job.

Cynthia Elizabeth Anderson said...

thanks you two!!!